Multichemi Exports (Pvt) Ltd.

Printing Auxiliaries

We properly package our products using premium supplies and ultramodern technologies to make sure they endure shipping, handling, mechanical damages etc. We provide customized packaging solutions. Deeply rooted in Colombo(Sri Lanka), we are indulged in the process of providing products to any required destination with ease.


Note : Range of high quality printing auxiliaries


Product   Type Description       Dosage
Thickener For Polyester
Multitechs 5234   Paste Thickener For Polyester Printing       4-6 g/l
Thickener For Pigment Printing
Multitechs 5288N   Liquid Thickener For Pigment Printing       As applicable
Pigment Printing Binder
Multitechs 5125   Liquid Binder for Pigment Printing       5-15 g/l