Finishing Auxiliaries

Many  types of finishing auxiliaries including resins, color deepeners, stiffening agents, fabric weight gainers, lycra protectors, etc.


Product Resins Type Description Dosage
MultiTechs LFRC Liquid Low formyldehyde resin finishing 100-200 g /l spray application
MultiTechs NFRC PLUS Liquid Free formyldehyde resin finishing 150-200 g /l spray application
MultiTechs ACPU Liquid Acralic and polyurethene emulsion for soft handling 150-200 g /l spray application
MultiTechs 3DRi Liquid Resin 3D effect improver 50 g/l Spray Application
MultiTechs PESL Liquid Polyethelen softener for strength improving 50-100 g/l spray application
Wicking Agent
Multitechs 3746T Powder Polyester Wicking Agent 1-3 on w.o.g.
Permanganate Remover
Multitechs PPR Powder Potasium Permanganate Remover As Applicable
Fabric Stiffener
Super Stiff VB Paste Fabric stiffing agent Padding 5-100 g/l
Depth Enhancer
Deepner MC 200 Liquid Color deepning agent Padding 30-60 g/l
Weight Gainer
Muitltechs 3975 Liquid Weight increasing agent Padding 30-100 g/l
Lycra Protector
Multitechs LP Liquid Lycra Protector for spandex bleaching As Applicable